Speech Therapy & Hearing
Speech Therapy & hearing has become very common in the current scenario:

SPEECH- Speech problem is commonly detected at the initial age of life most commonly age group of 2-6 years children.

Problem like-word sound is not correct, children can't speak and stammering is also a part of speech. Early detection of this problem can resolve it fully by the speech therapist.

Speech & language are common together in a medical science. Both are like complimentary, language is from the parents & speech is there own words. In a single day as per the medical claims 72% to 82% energy is used by a single person.

HEARING- Hearing problem is also a part of the speech. Hearing problem is also found in any age group of person. Hearing problem is easy to detect, on the action of word of mouth if person is not reacting or not giving the feedback it means that person has hearing problem .

Hearing problem includes the audiometry, hearing aid fitment and, it is curable if treated on time.

Who can approach for speech therapy
  1. Aphasia -children above age of 4 years
  2. Expressive aphasia- unable to speak in correct manner
  3. Global aphasia- not able to express anything
  4. Social aphasia- problem during interaction with strangers

Hearing aid testing
a) pure tone testing (PTA)
b) impedence testing

A) PURE TONE AUDIOMETRY - This is widely done by aprc every year in OPD and industrial audiometry also.
B) IMPEDENCE - This is done for the age of below 4 years who are not able to express.
C) BERA - This is helpful for global aphasia and expressive aphasia patients.

Hearing aid prescription for those patients who are not able to hear due to hearing loss.

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